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Attack On Titan Season 4 Predictions & Reviews

Attack on Titan Season 4

“The only thing we are allowed to believe is that we won’t regret the choice we made”

― Hajime Isayama

So he made a choice, and won the heart of the audience. No doubt that there are many anime series that grab a hold on mainstream audiences, but the kind of attention and notice that “Attack on Titan” and especially Attack on Titan Season 4, encircled is beyond the level and expectations. 

Attack on Titan mainly looks at Eren Jaeger and his fighters fellows, who pursue a war against man-eating monsters known as Titans. This war starts when Jaeger vows to destroy each and every titan, to get revenge for his mother because titan devour his mother right before his eyes. 


The new episode of “Attack on Titan season 4, Episode 12” is titled as “Guides”, where Merely prepares to rescue Gabi and Falco from Paradise Island. Meanwhile, Gabi and Falco escape from Paradise Island.

The official trailer of “Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 12” also shows that Eren will be questioned by the Scout Regiment inside the prison. At the same time, an enormous blast rips apart a building and, It remains to be seen if it is a Marley attack. 


Here is a breakdown of the series’ biggest and unforgettable moments, a few moments leading up to the finish.

Eren Gets Eaten By a Titan: 

“The struggle for Trost ” arc during the season 1, featured some revelatory moments which created a lot of anger, suspense and curiosity for the fans. Among those moments one was heart wrenching, when Eren gets swallowed by a Titan, and it created a lot of suspense and the anime kept the audience in doubt for several episodes before it was revealed that Eren is still alive. 

Eren Got Memories From Both The Past and Future:

In the AOT season 3, Eren after devouring his own father, gained memories from those who previously held the founding titan’s power, just like other titan shifters.


Attack on Titan’s each iconic season changes the game and story in a remarkable way. We have seen so many twists and turns not only in the plots, but in the character development as well.  

The gritty and intense, Attack on Titan’s 4th and final season has arrived and it is set to do the same again. The first episode of “Attack on Titan Season 4” was released on December 6, and each new episode is dropping off on every sunday, with a total of 16 episode for the entire season. Out of which 11 episodes have been already released. 

There are many predictions for the attack on Titan’s finale, but according to my perspective the most possible ending could be:

  1. Rumbling will succeed and Eren will collect the all Titan’s power, in order to unite Ymir’s soul and thus lift the Titan curse. 
  2. Alliance being able to kill Eren and rumbling will come to end.

There is one more noticeable thing,  AOT’s final panel shows a man holding a baby telling “You are free” , It might shows that the child is free from the path and might not be able to become a titan ever, even after injecting titan serum because this is the only thing I feel, that could make this child really free. 

But here Eren is referring to Rumbling as “hell” and trying to see something beyond the hell. So, I can bet that the Attack on Titan’s season 4’s ending will be something beyond the rumbling, no matter who will win.


Attack on Titan Season 4, Eren Eats War Hammers:

Eren knows that paradise island will always be apress, he had to do something to prevent attack from every other continent to paradise, and to do so he needed the war hammer’s ability of creating weapons so that he could have a great chance of winning and fulfilling his plans. 

Attack on Titan Season 4, Historia Is Pregnant: 

Considering that we are 3 chapters far from the ending, Historia gave birth and AOT’s  final panel depicts a man holding a newborn, we can assume that the kid is in fact historia’s son. But one thing is still confusing here, Who is that child’s father? Eren or Farmer.

But I really feel that it is very clear that having Eren be the father of Historia’s kid adds nothing to his character and his motivation for rumbling the world.


According to my predictions, we will watch that the titan’s power will vanish by the end of AOT season 4, and the world will be free from titan’s disasters. Then it is also obvious that there would be nothing left to show the AOT fans. 

It is sad for the AOT fans that this marvelous series is about to end but it might be a best option, as we all know that there is nothing seems to be left for the viewers. Because Eren has already gained the power of founding titan and War Hammer Titan. Merle and paradise had joined the forces to stop Eren, and we also saw a God mode of Levi where he killed 30 titans in one go. 

Well, that’s what I think, but what do you think about the AOT finale? How will the AOT series end and how do you want it to be end? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below and subscribe awesome sauce for more new updates. 

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