Best Customer Feedback Software Apps 2020

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In this blog, we would be sharing our view and reviews about the customer feedback software you can use to minimize your workload and to manage our daily activities with ease. This software is often, and mainly used for scheduling surveys/polls/quizzes and collecting ratings, reviews, and other feedback.

One thing which is most important to a business is customer service, and their customer satisfaction matters the most. In the current pandemic situation, when companies are opting for online software and solutions to manage the entire team working from home. Simultaneously demand for online customer service has increased tremendously.

According to a survey, Americans said that 81% of businesses are meeting their customer service expectations or even exceeding them. Therefore, embedding a customer-first service culture in your business should always be a priority.

Mention below is a few best customer feedback management software 2020 based on their reviews, pricing, and specification.

The Best Customer Feedback Management Software in 2020

Usersnap – CX Management software

UserSnap - Best Customer Management Software
UserSnap – Best Customer Management Software

Usersnap is not only a customer management tool but also works as a bug tracking software. Most of the SaaS companies embed the widget to get the user’s feedback. This widget is easily set up using Google Tag Manager.

Furthermore, Usersnap allows quality assurance teams to share screenshots and critical visual feedback with web developers, clients, and agencies. It helps improve the time taken to identify, track, manage, and resolve bugs that arise with time.


  • Measure Customer Loyalty with Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Satisfaction rating
  • Ask open-follow-up questions
  • Create your own survey questions
  • Customizable feedback button
  • Branded feedback widget
  • Unlimited feedback reporters
  • Channeling feedback on your site
  • User Targeting – trigger feedback with the API
  • Multi-language support
  • Launch in minutes
  • Preview your widget
  • Uncover gems in your customer feedback
  • Organize feedback items with labels
  • Organize feedback items and recognize patterns
  • Closing the feedback loops
  • Analyze trends with statistics
  • Understand the sentiments of your users
DEMO – Usersnap – add visual feedback superpowers
UserSnap – CX Management Software – Customer Feedback

Userback – Customer Feedback Analytics

– Customer Feedback Analytics
– Customer Feedback Analytics

User back is one of the top and best customer feedback analytics tools that enable organizations and individuals to manage high-quality feedback from websites and applications with the use of video and screenshots.

It helps in maintaining real-time feedback on customer experience. It is a life-saver tool for designers, web developers, and web agencies because of time-saving ability. The instant notifications feature helps in streamlining workflow connected by the user back. It gets connected and integrated with project management tools such as Trello, ClickUp, slack, Microsoft team, etc.


  • Easily get visual feedback on any web page
  • Give customers a voice with video feedback
  • Get feedback on images, designs and mock ups
  • Enhance visual feedback with comments
  • Manage customer feedback in one place
  • Stay organised with notifications
  • Flexible setup. Install in minutes.
  • JavaScript API
  • Browser Extension
Userback Review – Frictional Client / User Feedback
Userback Review – Frictional Client / User Feedback

Podium Customer Feedback Management

Prodium - Best Customer Feedback Software
Prodium – Best Customer Feedback Software
  • Reviews: 175
  • Rating: 4.28
  • Price:
  • Method: Subscription
  • View Podium

The podium is a customer feedback management software that is helping businesses to enable their customer relationship and build a positive image on a different website using text messaging.

It helps in compiling customer engagement, interaction, and online reviews in a single dashboard, which ultimately helps in managing online reviews on an only place. It allows businesses to engage back with the customer by replying/ reacting to reviews. Additionally, it provided separate day to day business reports for daily operations.


  • Customer Review Platform.
  • Review of Monitoring.
  • Chat Functionality.
  • Instant Messaging.
  • Multi-Channel Communication.
  • Multi-Channel Management.
  • Multi-Location.
  • SEO Management.
Get TONS of Google Reviews with Podium
Podium – Customer feedback Management
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