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Apple released iOS 14.5 with new 75+ features.

iOS 14.5 update

Apple released an update of iOS 14.5, along with it they also released watchOS 7.4, macOS Big Sur 11.3, tvOS 14.5, and homepodOS 14.5.

They released Up to 75 features in iOS 14.5.

Unlock Your iPhone Via Apple Watch:

It allows you to unlock your iPhone via Apple Watch while wearing a mask and a watch at your wrist. It’s is soo easy to do wear your Apple Watch, and you need to connect your iPhone with it and then allow it to unlock your mobile from settings. Once it’s done, you need to swipe up your iPhone lock screen, and it will unlock your mobile and gives you a notification on your Apple Watch as well.

New Siri Voices:

In iOS 14.5 iPhone allows you to set new Siri Voices and accents. They add two more new voices in Siri. This is just available for the American voice, not for others.

App Tracking Transparency:

Under Settings, tap an app, and then tap to turn off Allow Tracking. Or, go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking, and tap to turn on or off each app you’ll see in the list of apps that have requested permission to track your activity. It shows you which apps track you and your personal information to provide you related advertisements. You can also read more about it through learn more. It will also give you a notification when you open that application.

New Emojis In iOS 14.5:

iOS 14.5 provides you over 200 new emojis in this update.

Report An Incident in Apple Map:

They also worked on Apple Map and make some minor user interface changes. And you can also report an incident through Apple Map.

iOS 14.5 Software Update:

You can experience here some new minor user interface changes. And you can also find update of iOS 14.6 beta version there.

PS5/XSX Controller Support:

Now you can connect your controller with your iPhone through Bluetooth. And you can enjoy your games play with PS5 or XSX controller.

5G Support:

You can also get 5G support on your both sims.

Music Application:

We can also notice lots of changes in the music application in this update. You will find some user interface changes. And you can also share the lyrics of the songs like a short audio clip. You can also share music with your family, friends, and colleagues easily. They also change the options menu in this update.

Podcast Application:

There are also pretty major changes in the Podcast Application. There are some user interface changes. Also, Apple redesigned the podcast page in iOS 14.5. It’s slightly matching with the music application, which is great to see. They also add a menu option there. You can also control download settings in this update.

Some additional iOS 14.5 features:

iPad iOS 14.5 Features:

iPad has the same features as iPhone, but there is something more than iPhone. On iPad, they allow you to use Siri in the background of other apps. Like you can use Siri while using other apps, and it will give you an answer in the slide tab on the bottom corner. And they also change something in the boot. Now you can see the boot screen at your selected orientation. If you boot your iPad in landscape mode, it will boot in the landscape, or if you boot it in portrait, then it shows in portrait mode.

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