Nutrouble: A food diary that identifies which nutrition caused you trouble

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The longer you use Nutrouble the better the risk indications become. Start now and download the app

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Nutrouble is a combination of nutrition and trouble. It is a judicious diary that designed to help you, which nutrition gave you trouble. It is a powerful and convenient nutrition diary, which is perfect for those who are diagnosed with food intolerance, even it is for those people who simply want to figure out if they have a food intolerance at all. It gives risk indications based on nutrition you consume and trouble you experience. It is an iOS app.

Nutrouble: Overview

Nutrouble app overview
Nutrouble app Twitter

How to use it:

Nutrouble app Image
Nutrouble app Image

With Nutrouble you can easily get a danger indication which is based on what you have consumed, and the symptoms you experience in the hours like, Everything appears into the account like were about in your body you are experiencing symptoms, or how soon they appeared after food consumption. With highly accurate predictions and insights, these all complexities are considered to ensure you are provided. The longer you use Nutrouble the more it gets to know you, and the more accurate it becomes. And also the more you know what to eliminate from your diet completely with repeated tracking.

Nutrouble app GIF
Nutrouble app GIF

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