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RatherListen helps you to upload or paste any news article, chapter, or work document to RatherListen and instantly get a listenable version to absorb on the go.

RatherListen is an application-based software that enables you to upload, paste your written document, and instantly get a listenable version to absorb on the go. 

One of the common things is people find ease in their work . People tend to prefer to listen rather than read therefore Ratherlisten enables you to listen to all sorts of content, work, and article all you need to upload the article, document on ReadListen app.

It is mostly and commonly used by the school, college, university students

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How It Works

RatherListen – How It Works

Readlisten converts your document into audio content with 30 seconds and its AI technology helps in clear audio that can be played one at a time and can also be played on repeat. It also read the content of pictures, PDF, JPG.

  1. Paste or upload anything
    Add your content as text, URL, PDF, JPG, and more, from the web, iOS, or Android app.
  2. Human sounding audio
    We convert each paragraph into clear spoken audio, ready for you in about 30 seconds.
  3. Listen anywhere
    Playback your articles one at a time or in an autoplay queue. Pause and resume anytime, even on a different device.

Try your Self:


I have myself tested by inserting the text in the dialog box mention in the picture and it read the entire text with an audible voice that in short reduces my hassle of reading out the entire content. I am personally using this app and would personally recommend this app to others especially to the students


Testimonials – RatherListen


Get through your reading assignments faster by listening at a quicker playback speed.


Use your commuting time to digest long reports, reviews, or white papers uninterrupted.

News Junkies

Save news articles, Wikipedia entries, and blog posts in one place to absorb on-the-go.



Pricing – RatherListen

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