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SUITS Season 10: When Will It Come?

Suits cast

Is It Coming Or Not?

USA Today aired SUITS in 2011 and it was the greatest tv series ever seen by audiences all over the world. They pursued it for a decade and in 2019 they announced that they have decided to wrap up and release Season 9 as the premiere. But viewers were still waiting for one more season.

Lead characters of SUITS.

By observing the enthusiasm of SUITS fans, producers and directors considered the request of fans for one more season. As people gave them lots of love and the audience was curious to see all the actors again on the screen.

Here are some tweets from the fans:

Recap Of Previous Seasons

The ninth season only had 10 episodes, which gave too few queries. Even though the restriction of the USA Network is to wrap up the serial and finished the show as soon as possible, writers are running out of stories for the ending of this serial, and they were also trying to maintain the same quality of the content in the finale. The season’s finale was televised on Sep 25, 2019.

They tried to fascinate with the ending but there were some stones left. We saw two intercepted marriages in the cessation.

In the first place, one is Harvey with Donna and the second one is Mike and Rachel.

Harvey and Donna’s Wedding
Mike and Rachel’s Wedding

Another twist appeared when Harvey and Donna decide to leave Manhattan and want to join Mike’s firm in Seattle. Let’s talk about the interesting part of this serial. As we all know, Harvey hired Mike when he was searching for Harvard’s Graduate for his law firm, and then he hired Mike because of his talent and fantastic skills and now what he feels for Mike as his boss.

Unsolved Mysteries

So, the suspense of Season 10 is about;

Why SUITS Season 10 Canceled?

The SUITS stand wiped out on the USA Network. As you may know, three of the lead actors left the show after the end of season 7. In season 8 and season 9 we didn’t witness these major actors. Also, Meghan Markle made it clear that she would retire from her acting career.

The SUITS Season 10 was called off. Kirsch, in an interview, said that he had the characters under contract till Season 7. Patrick Adams also resigned from the show as the contract was completed. So, observing the SUITS cast’s lack of play, the makers had to shut down the show.

SUITS Cast reviews on the cancellation;

Most of the stars give their reviews openly about this long-running show. Korsh goodbyes to the series in an interview where he described the series as a family. He said: I feel like, for nine years, it was a show about faith and family. On-screen, they were a family.

Harvey star Macht accepted that the final episode had a little bit for every fan of SUITS, where they are rooting for Harvey and Donna or Harvey and Mike


Gabriel Macht Harvey Specter
Patrick J. AdamsMichael “Mike” Ross
Rick Hoffman Louis Litt
Meghan Markle Rachel Zane
Sarah Rafferty Donna Paulsen
Gina Torres Jessica Pearson
Amanda Schull Katrina Bennett
Dulé Hill Alex Williams
Katherine Heigl Samantha Wheeler

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