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Instantly remove the background from your photos, free βœ¨

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How To Use :

Trace 2.0 Video

If you look for making alterations in the background of a picture, then this tool is amazing. Also, it offers you more by giving more choices while editing your picture, this background change app is fully free to use and offers a wide range of background options that you can apply in your picture to enhance its beauty.

First, You need to sign in, when you signed in, you will get multiple options of Stickers, Labels, Magnets, Buttons, Packaging, Acrylic pins, Acrylic charms, Custom Coasters, Wall Graphics, Floor Graphics, Gift Cards, Mule Sauce, Face Masks, Ear Savers. and many more options. Then upload your picture, you will be asked to crop the area. So proceed for that and then move to the next screen. Then if your goal is to change or remove the background of your photo then you will be asked for three options color, image, and crop. if your goal is to change the color of your background then change the color you want. Like this.

Or if your goal is to change the background , then go for the Image option, select your best background and then download the full image like this

So, What are you waiting for? Try your’s and Enjoy!

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