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Why Among Us got that hype? What So Special About It?

Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game, which was developed and published by Innersloth (an American game studio). Released on both iOS and Android devices in June 2018 and on Windows in November 2018. The game was also released on the Nintendo Switch Games in December 2020, and they have also planned to release it for the Xbox One, Series X, and Series S in 2021

About Among Us

Developer Innersloth
DesignerMarcus Bromande
ProgrammerForest Willard
ArtistMarcus Bromander, Amy Liu
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, macOS and Xbox One/X/S
GenreParty, Social Deduction


Among Us is a multiplayer game. We can play this game online or on a local server like you can invite your friends and play with them, and in online mode, you can play with random players as well. You can join live servers through the lobby. It starts with at least 4 up to 10 players who are crewmates. If you are playing it alone, then the rest of all random players. There will be up to 3 players who are imposters in the game. There are two teams in this game, one is the Crew and the other one is the Imposters. The round will take place on one of three maps—one is a spaceship named “The Skeld”, the other is a headquarters building named “Mira HQ”. Another planet-based map is called “Polus” and a fourth map, “The Airship”, was announced on December 10, 2020, and is planned for release in early 2021.


Crewmates are the players who are trying to complete missions assigned tasks like a mini-game in which they have to do all tasks in a given time to win the game. Tasks such as they have to fix wiring, through garbage out from the ship, set a target, and download data. And figure out who is an imposter among us?


Imposters are actually the players who joined the game with you, but the game assigned them different tasks to won the game. So, basically, if you want to win a game, being an imposter just have to distract crewmates, disturb them, try to fail crew member tasks, and you can also kill them. If a crew member left less than the imposters then you will win that game.

Overall, crewmates just have to complete their tasks and figure out an imposter among them by observing their activities. If you easily do all the tasks in a given time, you will win. But it’s not that easy imposter will try their best to disturb you and they also have the power to kill you but while killing you they have to run out from there because if someone saw him then all crewmates vote against him, and he will out from game but be careful if you vote wrong then your crew member will be out from game and imposter will successful in his mission to disturb crewmates and kill them. They also have special powers like to change their location through vents and sabotage is a feature to manipulate and damage the systems of a ship you’re in. But if a crew member saw him while using vents, he could vote against him, and then they would be out of the game..

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