Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) : Release Date, Cast, & Overview

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With the brand new trailer, Wonder Woman 1984 is one of the highlights of the show. A new trailer for the film confirms it’s earning the big-screen treatment. This movie is directed and written by Patty Jenkins. This movie was supposed to hit theaters on 5th June but unfortunately delayed till 14th August, then again the studio delayed the release till 2nd October 2020, which is the current release date. Some main cast of Wonder Woman 1984 is listed below in the table.

Wonder Woman 1984 – Official Trailer

Wonder Woman 1984 Official- trailer

Wonder Woman 1984 – Cast

Actor NameCharacter
Gal GadotDiana Prince / Wonder Woman
Chris PineSteve Trevor
Kristen WiigBarbara Minerva / Cheetah
Pedro PascalMax Lord
Wonder Woman 1984 cast
Wonder Woman 1984 icon

If we talk about the trailer we see that the trailer opens with Diana’s(Gal Gadot) regretting that her life. Inside her apartment, she owns Steve Trevorโ€™s watch which he gave to her before he died in the first part of the movie, also a black-and-white photo of her in front of a mark that calls ” Trevor Ranch”, apparently named her after Steve. Diana got a framed newspaper that is clipping with a photo of Steve and also a headline that says: ” VFW honors local hero.โ€ Let you know that VFW stands for Veterans of Foreign Wars. Diana was missing her love โ€“ which she references in a conversation with Cheetah. 

Wonder Woman 1984 icon 2

So in the middle of this trailer, we see that Steve reuniting with Diana, and in the rest of this trailer, he is with Diana for the majority of the adventures in this movie.

Wonder Woman 1984 Twitter

Wonder Woman 1984 – The Villain

It seems like Wonder Woman 1984 will introduce us as “Traditional villain”. Like

Maxwell Lord:

Wonder Woman 1984 icon 3
Wonder Woman 1984 icon 3

Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord is a character with deep ties to DC Comics lore, and a single one to Diana herself. Maz revealed his true colors as a villain finally. In the comics, he was the founder of one of the incarnations of the Justice League. With a couple of scenes of this movie, maybe he is reconsidered here as an arms dealer, a lobbyist, and as a politician. But this would be sure that whatever max is doing in this movie, is something evil.

Kristen Wiig as the Cheetah:

Wonder Woman 1984 icon 4
Wonder Woman 1984 icon 4

Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva. In the trailer we see her turning in to Cheetah. Diana and Barbara are trying to be friends, they talk about love and having wine on the balcony, perhaps this villain is placing a trap for Diana or being her manipulated. Here as you can see, she is working in the lab, making something to give herself superpowers. In the comics, a friend of Diana named Minerva becomes the Cheetah.

Diana in Golden Eagle Armor

We do get to see her full gold costume, which is new and unique in this movie. It has some origins in the comics where it is called “Golden Eagle Armor”. This costume involves newly tailored and patterned Wonder Woman Golden Armor specially applied gold metallic painting, pair of metallic gold-colored heel boots, the air of silver-colored Bracelets of Submission, piece of gold-colored rope, and a metallic gold-colored helmet. This Golden Eagle armor protects Wonder Woman even more and in the comics maybe she needs extra protection. The last shot of the trailer, wondering whether Wonder Woman can fly, perhaps the answer is yes now.

Wonder Woman 1984 icon 5
Wonder Woman 1984 GIF
Wonder Woman 1984 GIF

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